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Monday, November 28, 2011

Seasons Beatings at their Finest From the Fantasy Fight Girls!

Seasons Beatings at their finest, Courtesy of the Fantasy Fight Girls!!

The Fantasy Fight Girls are hitting the road in December, and to make this one hell of a December to remember, get private matches with two girls for one price!
That's right, take on two of our fight girls at a time for $300/hr!
And if that doesn't get it for you, we are also offering up a "scissors challenge" as we go. . anyone, male or female, who would like to try one of our girls scissor holds out and see if they can last 5 minutes without tapping, please contact us now to book your time on this trip, but you have to be able to be video tapped!

So, what girls are hitting the road together?
Take on Sin-D, Payton Lapain, Betty Battles, Ruby Nesque or Sybil Starr. Jenn is also available in Philadelphia and Lia Labowe may be joining us on the NYC leg of our trip.

First Stop for the month of December is Cincinnati, OH December 3-4

Next trip is a big wrestling road trip, where the wrestle fun doesn't stop!  Are you in any of these areas?
Pittsburgh, PA December 7th
NYC, New York, December 8-10
Philadelphia, PA December 11-12
DC December 12
Cleveland, OH December 13th

And for our local boys and girls, it wouldn't be Seasons beatings if we didn't get our wrestle on in DETROIT ROCK CITY!!!! December 16-17!

Don't miss out on this tour, as it looks to be the last big one for a while!  The Fantasy Fight Girls and the Starr Girls have two big new projects coming to the Midwest in January and February! So keep your eye out in the new year!

SEASONS BEATINGS, a family fund raiser! 
Some of you already know this, but one of our crew members and friends, Jobber "Joe" died in an accident this month.  His family is really feeling the pinch and is having a hard time making ends meet right now while all the legal things get worked out.  It leaves Joe's family in a lurch for this holiday season. Vinny of Philadelphia, PA is putting on a Santa Suit and taking on all of the Fantasy Fight Girls in the biggest Beat Down of the Season! Vinny is offering to give all of the sponsorship money for this video to Joe's family. Please help support this family in crisis this season by sponsoring this video! Sponsorships start out at $25, and with that you get a copy of the video via download by December 17th, in order to enjoy over your Christmas Season.  So, be delightfully entertained, and help a family in need this season, please contact me directly for more details.

Big news for Custom Videos and Photos this month! 
Shana is rumored to be looking to do her "retirement shoot" with Fantasy Fight Girls. . and we are hoping to set a date for late December!  As soon as a date is confirmed, we will post it!  Also, Jenn, Amanda Ruffin & Lia Labowe are available for custom videos this month along with Sybil, Sin-D, Betty Battles, Ruby Nesque and Payton Lapain!  Like we said "Season's Beatings at their Finest!"

Don't miss out!  Contact me for more info or to get involved!

love and kisses to you and yours!

Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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