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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just seen a clip of the sexy lia beating you in a wrestling match. how do you remain friends afterwards knowing that she is the better woman and has proved it in front of the camera?

well, there was a time and a place where Lia was the better wrestler, when she was training and working hard, but I believe that time has passed. . and it is different with women, when we fight each other, when we wrestle, we give all of ourselves on the mats and we respect each other for doing so after. . . it is one of the many reasons that I love women's wrestling, women are much more cooperative than competitive by nature, so that is another "taboo" we must face and overcome just to get on the mats with each other. .

Ask me things about wrestling, down jackets, modeling, fighting, shiny tights, pro-wrestling. . etc

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