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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fantasy Fight Girls INVADE Cinncinati Ohio

Watch out Ohio! Here we come! Wanna wrestle? Got time on October 7th or 8th?
Contact sybil starr @ to book your session with
or any mix of these girls for a discount, or all of them at once or them taking
turns kicking your butt! All at great rates!

Or stop in to see us Wrestle in a live Pro-wrestling show for NWF!

Stop by to see all the new updates!
Last Saturday we added:
September 24, 2011 Updates

New Female Fantasy Fight Videos:
Submission Cat Fight in Lingerie Betty vs Veronika
She Loves to Squeeze

New Mixed Fighting Videos:
Blue Mat Match 5
Mugger Belly Beating
Ruby Beats Joe
Shut You Up
Training Dummy
Van's Belly Slap Bet

New Photosets:
Best 2 out of 3

New Fighter!
Monica Martin

And this week's updates will be:
October 1, 2011 Updates

New Female Fantasy Fight Videos:
Pantyhose Match Kordelia Devonshire vs Sybil Starr
Test of Strength Sybil vs Roxy

New Mixed Fighting Videos:
Assassin Roni
Blue Mat Match vs Ninja Joe
Face Sit Slave
Human Punching Bag

New Photosets:
Roomate Jeans Cat Fight

New Fighter!
Roni Jonah

We hope to keep you entertained!

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