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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sybil vs Dia

September 9-11, 2011!!!
Sybil Starr Productions is very proud to announce, HELL Weekend!  An annual event for Sybil Starr Productions which only gets better and better!
This year, LIVE SUBMISSION GRAPPLING MATCHES, CAT FIGHTS, and pro-wrestling matches!

The girls confirmed to attend so far:
Roni Jonah
Dia Verza
Lia Labowe
Sybil Starr
Betty Battles
Veronika Valentine
Payton LaPain

love custom videos and photos?  all the girls are available to film and shoot! Please check our custom script pricing guide!

We have Van the Man and Jobber Joe on hand for making mixed fighting videos.

Want to wrestle a hot girl?
Veronika Valentine
Betty Battles
Lia Labowe
Dia Verza
Sybil Starr
are all available for private matches!
e-mail Sybil directly to book your time!

Want to see girls fight LIVE!!!!
Veronika Valentine vs Betty Battles, cat fighting/pillow fight in lingerie
Roni Jonah vs Lia Labowe, pro-wrestling
Sybil Starr vs Dia Verza, Submission Grappling
and more. . . TBA
we are seeking sponsors for these matches!
$50 per match you wish to sponsor.
Your $50 gets you the video download of the match within 24 hours of filming, and long before they are released to the public, and any other video of the Fantasy Fight Girls for FREE!

Coming to the matches?  Tickets are $100 for men and $50 for women. Event takes place in a secret location in Southern Michigan on the afternoon/evening of September 10th.  If you are interested, please contact Sybil directly!!

Any questions?? Volunteering to help out?  Or want to face one of our girls at the event? just e-mail us!

Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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