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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Match at VIP last night--from Fred

The scintillating, sexy, and oh so talented Sybil Starr wrestled an amazing
match against rising star, Mina Libre at VIP's "Honor Bound II" show in
Henderson, MI. Sybil tapped into Her mean side as She baited the crowd, and
taunted Her opponent.

She was introduced as hailing from "No place you could afford." And drew the
boos of the audience from the moment She approached the ring, exchanging barbed
comments with hecklers. She then used the old trick of bailing out of the ring
whenever Mina secured an advantage.

When the two foes did lock up, it was a spirited, well matched, contest that saw
Sybil torment Her foe with submission holds. Eventually, the very talented Mena,
turned the tide and ultimately scored the winning pin.

However, I don't think this was the last time these two will compete, and the
result may be very different in the next encounter!

More importantly, we saw a new, and meaner facet of Sybil emerge. One that I
very much enjoyed, and appreciated! Stay tuned for further developments!

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