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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Review of "Best 2 out of 3 Falls"

New DVD review/essay

Sybil Starr's newly released DVD, "Best Two Out of Three Falls," is pretty hot stuff, and for lots of reasons. One, of course, is you get to watch two extremely sexy women, Sybil and Jenn, in skimpy black lingerie wrestling for a submission win.

The theme of the DVD is to determine which is stronger. The two arm wrestle first, then strip to their eye-popping underwear to wrestle. (Did I mention they undress each other?)

Anyone who’s watched these sorts of DVDs knows that, for a dramatic third-fall finish, whichever woman wins the first round will lose the second. But the fighting here is still believable, and the match maintains its theme. More than once Jenn drops Sybil to the mat with a bear hug, draining the breath out of the blond. Sybil even comments on how strong Jenn is … just before Jenn kicks her in the ribs while she’s down.

I’ve never seen Jenn before, but I have fought Sybil several times. We’ve wrestled, boxed, arm-wrestled and leg-wrestled, and she’s beaten me every time. In wrestling, she’s barely even had to breath hard; in boxing she’s decked me countless times, and even knocked me out. In a test of strength, Sybil muscled me down onto my knees then over onto my back in just moments.

And these weren’t pretend fights — I’ve had the chipped tooth, bloody nose and aching jaw and midsection to prove it.

Which means I know for a fact Sybil is powerful, certainly stronger than me. And what’s great about this DVD is we see Jenn apparently give her some powerful, believable competition. You really can’t tell who is going to win right up until the final hold.

(Also certainly very sexy but not necessarily as credible is “Boxing with Lia and Sybil,” but that’s because we’re told up front in the DVD description that it’s a commissioned fight with the script calling for Lia to beat up Sybil. So no fair guessing who’s going to win, and win big. Again, two really gorgeous women in bikinis, this time with boxing gloves. But if you want this fight to seem “real,” you’d have to come up with some reason as to how Sybil could get so mercilessly pounded by Lia, given the blond’s excellent boxing form and speed we see demonstrated early on in this match and in other fights. (And, as I say, the skill I’ve suffered first hand … or fist.) So I convince myself when I watch it in my fantasy land that Lia’s punches must be so incredibly damaging, she doesn’t need to land as many to hurt her opponent. Then, once she does gain the advantage, she can pound Sybil senseless. There, does that make sense? It works for me.)

“Best Two Out of Three Falls” is also hot because the fight does go back and forth. Both women are fast, skilled and strong. (And did I mention they’re wearing skimpy black lingerie? And one of them goes topless pretty early on?)

And then there’s the surprise ending. Not this time the traditional pose of the victor with one foot on her defeated opponent and arms raised in triumph, biceps flexed. But, then, after watching this fight, I certainly wouldn’t have minded being the winner or the loser, given what happens next. Yowee.

-- M

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