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Monday, November 03, 2008

Metastatic ductal carcinoma of the breast

They say if you can name the monster you can destroy it. . I learned that watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. . I think. . . . this monster's name I learned on Friday talking to my mom's oncologist, my mom has been attacked by metastatic ductal carcinoma of the breast. What does this mean? My mom is very ill. .her body is full of tumors. They are in her breast, her lung, her lymph nodes and all over her right pelvic bone. And she is in great pain. Admittedly, I am too. My mother (step-mom) is a breast cancer survivor. She fought this demon, and lost a breast to it 12 years ago. She has been cancer free for about 10 years. She has lived to become a grandmother many times over, to see me graduate from college, to see my sister get her PHD, she was a teacher for many years and is an active volunteer in her community. . she has touched so many lives. She is also stubborn as all hell and someone you want at your side during a battle. My mom is ill. She has cancer. She has bad cancer. The kind that comes with a time limit. She has metastatic ductal carcinoma of the breast. Everyday is a new challenge and a gift . but then, what changed from before? Everyday always presents new challenges and is a gift. I hope when you read this you will send some good thoughts her way. Our family really needs it right now. My mom is the heart of our family and having her sick leaves us all so saddened. . she feels helpless and so do we. . but I know it's name now. . I know the name of the beast. . and so do you, so if you know anything about this terrible monster that will help us defeat it, please let us know. Metastatic ductal carcinoma of the breast. Thank you.


Unknown said...


My thoughts and prayers are with your mom and you. I hope they find a way to manage her pain and allow her to have some quality of life in whatever time she has remaining. Your mom sounds tough like you, so she can handle what life hands her. However, sometimes horrible diseases like cancer are too much to overcome. I hope though she can defy the odds.

We love you Sybil and wish you and your mom the very best under very trying circumstances.


Chris F. said...

I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I will pray for your mother's full recovery.