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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Travel is Over

I am burned out.

The last two years I have spent, at the very least half of every month on the road. At first, it was awesome, I always wanted to travel and see the world, I always wanted to go to Europe, and Japan. I always wanted to fly 500 miles an hour with my hair on fire. But no more. The thought of planning another trip is dreadful to me. I am afraid the quality of my work is being affected. .. . . I just find myself not caring. . . . and I love to wrestle!!! I love to fight! To feel like this is so disappointing. . . .so I have been thinking and thinking of what I should do to rectify this feeling. .. . I am putting my travel on hold. There are a few trips I will take. . . but otherwsie, my travel will be very limited until December. First of all, I have a pro-fight scheduled for November I want to be ready for. Second, I want to see my friends and have a life. . . recently I was not invited to a party amongst my friends and I feel like they have stopped being able to count on me . . and I am tired of always saying to my friends and family, "I am sorry I can't make it, I will be in . . . . that date." So no, I will not be going to Minneapolis this weeekend, and no I will not be going to Cleveland next weekend. I will still make my monthly trips into Chicago and am often available there. . . but for now, I am grounded. Until my gypsy feet feel like dancing again.

Feel free to visit me in Michigan or Chicago.

I am sorry to let anyone down, but as the days have gone on I have done that more and more as my heart has weighed so heavily.

If I am travelling, know it is a limited travel engagement and book it, because gosh only knows when I will get back there at this point.

See you on the mats

kisses and scissors,


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