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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Update, Japan, Philly Brawl

Whoa!! you ever get the feeling you have so much going on you don't know where to start?
Last night I got to stay in downtown Chicago, and then this morning I went out and wrestled girls for and one of those girls was HOLLY!!!! Back into fighting, finally! And now I am in Milwaukee where I am meeting up with Dakota soon in order to film a new video!!! Queen of Tights 3!!!!!!!

Did you hear about last weekend? Jill Lauren and I finally had our confrontation, a real brawl with punching, kicking, hairpulling, and grappling. . . until one of us cannot continue. . .
you can buy the video from my store here:
Philly Brawl
Featuring: Sybil Starr vs Jill Lauren
Video Length: 30 Minutes

Jill Lauren enters room 516 to settle a score with Sybil Starr. Sybil is sucker punched in the belly before they had a chance to go over the fighting rules. This all out Real Catfight between the two is nasty as they punch and kick eachother until one can no longer fight anymore. Sybil shows off her wrestling and Judo Skills as Jill does her best getting a few lucky punches in there. Sybil pounds away at Jill's tough belly every chance she could get.
or download it from my clips store here:
also posted there are two new clips. . featuring three of today's hottest young fighters, Neko, Keri and Lia Labowe!!!
The Bedroom Fantasy
Starring Lia Labowe and Keri These two friends happen to be hanging out in bed in lingerie, Keri in a thong, when one thing leads to another and a rough and tumble pillow fight occurs. . see two of the hottest fighters out there today interact in a way you have never seen them. .
Spy Vs Spy 1: Neko Vs. Sybil
These two super spies will never quit trying to destroy each other. In classic fashion, they sneak up on, smother, scissor, punch and put each other in agony, who will get the upper hand? The women wear black body stockings and fight hard! Enjoy these fantasy semi-comp match ups!

I leave for Japan on Thursday morning for my Pro-MMA fight on March 11th. . I am fighting for the Smack Girls Promotion against Takyo Hashi, her record is 7-1 I am the underdog in this fight!!!! Yikes. . . I can always use your support and encouragment. . I have been training harder than ever to get ready for this fight. . .

My travel schedule for the next couple of months looks like this:
March 9th-12th, SMACK GIRLS Tokyo, JapanMarch 16-17th, Tampa, FLApril 11-14th, Los Angeles, CAApril 15th, Coldwater, MI POG April 21-25th, GeorgiaMay 11-20th, Myrtle Beach (messy wrestling for Bike week), FLMay 27th, Coldwater, MI POGJune 13th, Coldwater, MI POG

I also am planning day trips to NYC, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis!!!!

Kisses, scissors, and mean headlocks!!!!!!

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