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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Review of Wrestling Session

this fight occured yesterday. . .if you want to hear the boy screaming while trapped in my scissors hold, check out the files on my yahoo group. .
it was posted by

If you are worried at all about your male pride, thanDO NOT wrestle Sybil. I wrestled her for the 7th time and I have to admit that she's improved significantly from a month ago (MMA training did something for her) and is totally out of my league in terms ofskills--she defeated me in every fall this time andI've got 50 lbs on her.I had her close with a head lock and leg scissors on acouple of falls but she broke out before I was alledgedly able to get a submission (ref made amistake and should have called it a submission).

Bighint: if she is getting you into her scissors, make sure that your arm doesn't get trapped in there--I made that same mistake twice and will never again. She had me in a new hold with her on top and me on myback that was kind of like a grapevine, except myknees were bent--I tried to bridge and move out of it but my legs were solidly locked into position by her ankles. After about 20 or so hard punches into my abs (thank goodness I've worked out on those muscles lately), very painful wrist locks (with my wrist still sore today), arm bars, and of course Sybil patented screaming head scissors that are honestly stronger than a month ago, my cardio was completely depleted while Sybil was still her usual perky self wanting more.

I distracted her for a drink of water to get a breath in. Then we went for another 10 minutes untilI was once again truly physically and mentally exhausted. She and I continued on but my slow speed and weakened muscles were no match for her.For the remainder of the time, she became Sybil's evil twin sister and just used me for her boy toy--placing me into her favorite holds, forcing me to suck her toes, spanking my butt hard while she was sitting on both arms pulled behind my back and making me rememberthe number of hits--I was wrong a few times and she started the count from 0 again. Her facesitting was pretty intense as well and she forced me to beg for her to let me up. I don't think I've ever felt so overpowered and humiliated by such a small girl before. She told me she might use me to paint her toenails--totally humiliating but I could see a few armbars and head scissors that would have me convinced that painting her toe nails was something I really wanted to do.

I did experience a knock out for the first time--very painless to go in since it happens so quickly and Sybil is the only one I think I would trust to do that to me. I woke up a few seconds later and remembered Sybil but was foggy for about 10 seconds about how I got there or where home was. Unfortunately, I still remembered how poorly I performed against Sybil in wrestling. Even so, it was interesting enough to want to try again some time.

Anyway, with that all said, I can't imagine a more awesome wrestling partner or girl that is as fun-loving and cute as Sybil. I'll still be back for match number 8 in a short time--besides, with thatbeing my lucky number maybe I'll get at least 1 submission.

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