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Thursday, August 06, 2020

VOD 8-6--2020 FFGFAN257 Mesmerize

Video of the Day

FFGFAN257 Mesmerize MP4

This ten minute match should be easy for SinD, a polished veteran when it comes to wrestling, but she did not count on sexy Sybil! Sybil's shimmery pantyhose on her sexy legs mesmerizes SinD. She tries to wrestle Sybil, but ends up just wanting to be trapped by those sexy thighs!!!  SinD gets put in a figure four, head scissors, school girl pins and figure four leg hold around the head. Eventually Sybil is even able to strip SinD's gear off of her- just to humiliate her more while she is mesmerized!

Keywords: pantyhose, shiny, sind, sybil starr, figure four, scissorhold, humiliation.

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