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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Videos of the Day 1-Mixed Wrestling with Gia

Hey there Starr Army, last week or so I started advertising for a "Video of the Day" as a way to reach out to the fans, tell them about some of our awesome videos and to give them a great discount! And here so here we are with our Video of the day!
Video of the Day- one of our all time greatest sellers
Mixed Wrestling with Gia
 Mixed Session With Gia
presenting: Reality! Male wrestling slut, Brad, volunteered to have a half an hour session with Gia Primo videotaped. Starting with the knock on the door and not stopping until the session ends, see what you can expect from a semi-comp wrestling session, especially a wrestling session with Gia Primo!!! If you have ever wanted to do a session, but were unsure, or wanted to see what a wrestling session was like, this one is for you. If you love wrestling pretty girls, get your fix by watching Gia Primo at play in a hardcore wrestling domination session. . .. she crushes Brad's will between her legs and even knocks him out. Gia does not let up, even when he taps. . this one is intense.. hold onto your seat! This is mixed wrestling at it's most intense!
31 minutes, $31
today find it for:
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