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Monday, August 14, 2017

Tri-Fecta Shoot Pre-Sale

One week ago, I was in Cincinnati with two of my favorite opponents to film custom wrestling videos.
The 8 videos we filmed are pretty awesome. . . 3 semi-comp bikini matches, 2-10 minute old school pro-style videos, 2-2 vs 1 matches, and 1 fantasy pantyhose match. 
I then headed to Chicago where I was able to beat up on one of my favorite wrestling toys. . . er . . boys- Van the Man. . I introduced him to the "Sybil Scissorbot 3000" and it's all on film!

When I returned back home and began working on all the raw footage- my computer took it's final turn. . . it really couldn't handle the video production anymore. . . I bought a new computer months ago and had yet to set it up. . . so I spent all day Saturday getting it set up and ready to go. . and once it was- it took care of all 9 videos in under 3 hours. . AMAZING! On my old system it would have taken at least a week- if it had been able to work correctly anymore. I am excited for what this means- also how my new system handles all of my production elements for creating websites, graphics, photo editing, etc.  Finally-I feel like I can really be creative and have the processing power to back me up;) THIS IS AWESOME!

So- what does this mean for all of you?  The custom videos have already been delivered to our customers- and before we put them in the archives until their future release- we offer them to the public for purchase, and for just this time- at a 10% discount. . . so check out the videos (price already includes discount) and if you want to purchase one- e-mail me directly-

Semi-Comp Bikini Wrestling:
Sybil vs SinD

Sybil vs SinD-SCBW:10 minute video with scissors, pins, flexing and victory poses. $9

SinD vs Betty

Betty vs SinD-SCBW: 10 minute video with scissors, figure four around the head, camel clutches, posing and flexing. $9

Betty vs Sybil

Betty vs Sybil-SCBW 10 minute video featuring great grappling exchanges, scissors, flips, and more. $9

Professional Wrestling Videos:

Sybil Suffers

Sybil Suffers: 10 minute match. Both ladies wear leotards, tights and boots. They work the midsection- waist locks, bear hugs, shoulders to the mid section and claws. $9

Sybil Suffers 2: 

Sybil Suffers 2: 10 minute match. Both ladies wear leotards, tights and boots. Betty works over Sybil's legs and arms. $9

Holding Grudges- 2 vs 1

Holding Grudges- 21 minute 2 vs 1 match up. Betty and SinD are intent on taking Sybil out of wrestling, and they pull out every dirty trick in the book to try to end her career. Sybil doesn't have much offense as she fights to stay alive in this match where she is dominated and brutalized. . . $18

 BRAGGART- 2 vs 1

BRAGGART: 16 minute, 2 vs 1 match where the braggart, Sybil Starr, gets what's coming to her. Sybil is winning handily over Betty- and brags "I could win with my hands tied behind my back and barefoot." SinD- upon hearing this- decides Sybil should have a chance to prove it. She ties Sybil's hands behind her back and then both she and Betty take off Sybil's shoes and socks. They proceed to torture Sybil in 2 on 1 holds and to humiliate her. Can Sybil escape and win?  Or is she just a braggart?   $14

Fantasy Pantyhose Match
 Pretty Pantyhose Rukus

 Pretty Pantyhose Rukus: 10 minute fantasy pantyhose match. Betty and Sybil face off to decide who has the best pantyhose. The girls are in bikinis with the pantyhose over top. They wrestle and trash talk each other, both hoping to get a date with "Nathan." Scissors and school girl pins. $9


Sybil Scissorbot 3000

Sybil Scissorbot 3000- 16 minute mixed wrestling video featuring scissors in pantyhose. Van has come to meet Sybil Starr- but she has sent her "Scissorbot 300" in her place.  The Scissorbot has been programmed to take out Van and make him submit, over and over again- with no mercy.

These videos will be available until September 14th.  Delivery of video is via a downloadable file. Payment is made via online invoice through squareup payment processors. E-mail Sybil directly to order-



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