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Friday, November 27, 2015

SinD vs Sybil Pre-sale Videos

This past week I was on the road- Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Columbus. . . and I got to film 4 new custom videos with SinD. We filmed all four in the ring, and they were awesome!
I titled this one "Fight for my Man." The premise was that I was an ordinary, every day type of gal and I hired a pro-wrestler to wrestle, with the idea of exciting my man. . . both of us wore Black Leotard and tights. It is 10 minutes long. $10

"Hardcore Champ" is the 20 minute battle to end all battles between myself and SinD! We are both wearing full wrestling gear and use all kinds of dirty tricks to punish one another.  This one ends with a KO. $20

"Prize Fight" is a best 2 out of 3 falls brawl. lots of punches, kicks and corner work. We wear black leotards. 10 minutes, $10.

"SinD is the Best MATCH" SinD challenges Sybil to a wrestling match- and they draw paper slips to see what kind of match it is.  If Sybil loses- she will have to declare that SinD is the best wrestler. SinD cheats every chance she gets in this match. 20 minutes, $20.

E-mail me directly to get these videos.

and don't foprget about the rest of our amazing November deals- time is running out on them!
We are filming mixed wrestling and POV videos on Monday December 1st- don't miss out- get your scripts in now!~

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