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Friday, January 11, 2013

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 FFGFAN165 Persuasive

Ruby uses her panty hosed thighs to scissor Sin-d and to get her to do what she wants!

FFGMIX216 Dakkotas Scissor Domination
 Dakkota Scissor Domination
Dakkota puts CJ through his paces! CJ loves to be squeezed and dominated by a womans legs! Stockings and lingerie.

FFGFAN Handcuffed Humiliation
Betty Battles challenges Lia Labowe to a handcuff-humiliation wrestling match. The girls take the ring, and Betty gets the upper hand, and after she handcuffs Lia she proceeds to humiliate and dominate her until Lia begs to be let out!Cunt busting, low blows, sleeper holds, foot biting, biting, hair pulling, domination, facesitting, wrestling, leotards, pantyhose and more!

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