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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LIA LABOWE will kick your ass!

Lia Labowe is traveling to Chicago, IL this Thursday (9-13-2012) & Friday (9-14-2012) !! two days away, and she has time to kick your ass!  Known for her cruelty, beauty and amazing scissorholds, there is no one else who can compare! And over the weekend (9-15-2012 and 9-16-2012) she will be filming with Sybil Starr Productions in Michigan, and has openings for matches here also. . Lia rarely travels and this is probably your last opportunity for 2012!!!  Don't miss your chance to have you ass kicked, stomped, humiliated and submitted by one of the most gorgeous fighters out there!!  Contact her now to schedule your time with her on the mats!!!

Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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