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Thursday, April 12, 2012

SSP Update!

Yesterday was our biggest shoot day of the month! Betty, Sin-d, & Ruby got to work with CJ and also filmed clips with each other. CJ is a great trainer, I swear every time I get on the mats with him, I learn something new. Yesterday I became the "underhook queen with a mighty pelvic thrust!"

Sin-d brought me new footage for our boy fight site,, so for all you fans who have been waiting for new updates, they are in the works for the weeks ahead. . . Next week should be our first updates, but we have a ton of updates and videos to render from the last two weeks still, so it will take a minute or two to get to those updates for next week! and will be getting updated this week, so look for it!

Also, finally talked to Payton, I love that girl, but she has not been making her bookings consistently since the beginning of the year, and she has cancelled her last three out of four shoots last minute, so we are going to be giving her a break. It is obvious her heart isn't in it and I need girls who show up for their bookings. . . . I really do have enough work to do already without trying to rearrange things to suit one person. . . . Hopefully we will see her again when her life is a bit more in order. I adore her, but I have things to do.  . . Our company is moving forward, and quickly! So I encourage everyone, to get on board, buckle up and enjoy one hell of a ride with us! This year is amazing!

We have three Starr Girls Professional Wrestling shows booked in Adrian, Mi at the LA Cafe on May 12th, July 21st & September 15th! The girls who are already on the card include our champ, Sin-d, Betty Battles is ready for her first full Starr Girls show and so is Ruby Nesque!  I will be there, Lady Victoria, Hardcore Heather Owens, Josie Sojo Bolt, Burgandi Turner and Amanda Ruffen. We might even see the dastardly Buddy Wolfe show up! If you want to know more about the Starr Girls, we invite you to view our "Mockumentary" on

Ruffleague.com will be getting its first update next week and the first match, Jenn vs Lia will be released in that update! Look for in Cincinnati on June 18th, and then in Philly in August! These are private, underground events that you have to be invited to to attend, to get your invitation, or to find out more, e-mail me! if you would like to compete (ladies) or attend, just let us know!

The fantasy fight girls have planned some travel through the Midwest in the coming months, so if you are looking to get your butt kicked by the hottest, feistiest, and funniest ladies out there, then pay attention!

April 16-18 Sybil Starr (me!) will be in Las Vegas!
April 21-22 Betty Battles, Sin-d, and I will be near Dayton (filming customs for Lady Victoria, so get those scripts into her!)
April 28-29th Ruby Nesque, Veronica K, Sin-d, Betty Battles, Sybil Starr will be in Cincinnati, OH to get our Pro wrestling training at BoneKrushers with NWF.
May 2-3, Betty Battles & I will be in Cleveland, Oh
May 5-6 I will be upstate Michigan, in Boyne, so if any yoopers wanna cross the bridge and get their wrestle on, just drop me an e-mail
May 11th, Sin-d will be in Lexington, Ky
May 12th Sin-d, Betty Battles, Veronica K, & Ruby Nesque are in Adrian, mi
May 18th Betty Battles, Sybil Starr, Ruby Nesque and Veronica K will be in Detroit
May 20th Sin-d and Sybil are in Pittsburgh
May 31 Ruby Nesque and Betty Battles are in Chicago
June 1st, Sin-d will be in the Providence, KY area for a pro-show
June 14, Sybil Starr in Chicago
July 14 Sybil Starr in Philly!

And we are always recruiting ladies and men for our company! So if you are interested in an audition, please drop us a line!

Also, if you have an idea you want to share or there is something you would love to see us do, please just let me know! We exist to entertain you!
Thank you, Starr Army, for your continued support and encouragement. . . .

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