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Monday, March 05, 2012

MARCH into Fight Girl Madness!!!!

Real Underground Female Fight League MARCH 24th
Adrian, MI

Yolanda Gonzalez wants to fight!
Jenn is always ready for a cat fight!
The Proud Sponsors of RUFF League! Real Underground Female Fight League
Yolanda looks intense

Jenn, myself, Lia winery tour Northern Cali 2007
New Comer Veronica Kruze wants to test herself on the mats, and she loves to box!

Helping Yolanda train, this girl is strong!

Lia Labowe kicking my butt!
Sexy lil Betty
Veronica's bikini loves her;) and so do we!
Payton Lapain wants to box!!

Betty is a wild thing with her eyes on the prize
Ruby loves to wrestle!
Jenn always gives her best

Safa is always ready for action

Iridal Loveland!

Sexy Safa

Payton and her bikini

March has been declared Arts and Crafts month by some, and my favorite ART is MIXED MARTIAL!!!!!  woot!  It is also the heart of wrestling season here in the Midwest! The same stands true for the Fantasy Fight Girls!  These feisty females are ready to roll!  They want action! Satisfaction! And how are we going to go about this? Some Real Underground Female Fight Action!!  That's right! We are only a couple of weeks away from the inaugural event of! Real Underground Female Fight League, and what a line up we have!!! Payton Lapain, Yolanda Gonzalez, Safa Warda, Ruby Nesque, Veronica Kruze, Iridal Loveland, Lia Labowe, Jenn & Betty Battles! If you are interested in trying some "on the mat" wrestling with other girls, and you like money, this could be the event for you.  The girls will decide the rules for their matches ahead of time. The matches will be ten minutes long, the winner of the bout will get $60 and the loser will get $40.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in participating in, drop me an e-mail at plan on having fun, trying our best and I also know many of the girls just want to try different things, like boxing!  So I think this will be a very exciting inaugural event!

 If you are interested in attending RUFFLeague to watch the girls in action, this is a private & underground event, you will need to contact me directly at Tickets are $50 for men and $20 for women, unless you compete and then we pay you to be there! Seating is being limited to a handful of people, so get your ticket now! Cat Fighting! Boxing! Maybe some MMA?  but lots and lots of wrestling!!!!! You can sponsor this event for as little as $50 if you cannot attend it and you will get a download of all the matches.  Contact me directly!

Also, many of the girls also do mixed wrestling matches and will be available for those on Friday March 23rd. . also we can film custom videos while we are together if anyone is interested. . . I just can't wait to see these girls in action!!

Tell me who do you think will do well? 
Who do you think should fight who?  What styles? 
Who do you think would be the best catfighter?  Boxer? 
maybe we should do some arm wrestling??

 I can't wait. . so Ladies, let's BRING ON THE FIGHT!

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