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Friday, March 19, 2010

Can Scissors Kill You?

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 4:29 PM, D S wrote:

Hi Sybil,

I am a newcomer to wrestling or domination sessions and I have some doubts (probably stupid doubts, but well, that's why I ask, to stop being stupid ;-) ).

Are scissors dangerous for the 'victim'? Can they be lethal? I don't think any women has such strong legs that she can crush a skull, but I have read somewhere that the head scissor might block some veins (or I don't know what) and then your brain might not receive oxygen and that can have terrible consequences. Is there any truth in that?

Are head scissors more dangerous than neck scissors? Or the other way around?

I thought that, since you are a trained fighter, you would be the best person to ask. Thanks for your answer.

Kindest regards,


but you can';t even tell me a name? But you can e-mail me like this? man, do I get tired of all this subterfuge. .

scissors can kill you. scissors can give you brain damage. Hell, anything can. . .
head scissors hurt, but they won't knock you out, and the pressure it would take to crush your skull is more than most people could do with your legs. . your head is not a watermelon. . it is bones. .. . neck scissors against your major arteries is what will do you in. . it cuts off blood flow to the brain. . which is fine for 30 seconds. . but a minute or more could be deadly and if you have any type of heart problems it could kill you. .

generally, scissors are just gonna really hurt and cut off air and blood. . . for the most part, they aren't going to kill you. . but SEE SOMEONE WITH TRAINING. . don't go to just anyone to session. . not even for wrestling. . amateurs will hurt you because they don't know what they are doing. . I know because I was an amateur once. . and I broke many of my boytoys that way

ok guy with no real name. . I hope that answered your question

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