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Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Girl coming to Hell! New Comp Match Added to our line up!

Welcome Kinky Karrine!!!!

And thanks to sponsorships there will be a Dakota vs Sybil match!!!!!!
We need more sponsorships to help make this all happen. . . I still need to
be able to fly Jenn in. . . . .

Here is the line up of Competitive Matches for Hell!!!!
Lady Victoria Vs. Sybil Starr
Jenn Vs. Devon
Sybil Starr Vs. Devon
Sybil Starr Vs Dakota

If you would like to sponsor these matches (or another one)
please go here to check out the sponsorship packages:

Here is the list of all the girls attending:
Sybil Starr
Lady Victoria
and our jobber boy:
Van the Man

and all Custom videos will be shoot in Hi definition!
and pricing is cheap!!
Custom videos start out at $10 per minute! so you could get a ten minute
clip for $100!!! But all scripts and money must be in by August 15th. . .
this is one heck of a line up with some very talented girls. ..
Custom photos are $3 per picture with a 13 picture minimum!

We are starting to get some great scripts in for the contest. . but make
sure you get yours in too!

Hell Custom Script Contest!I
will produce the winner's script!!!
here is how it works:
write your script!
e-mail it to me in either e-mail format or microsoft word format to
I will pick my ten top favorites as finalist and upload them as files to my
yahoo group. . . . then everyone can vote on their favorites!
The winner is the one will the most votes and it will be produced in HELL!

All scripts must be in by August 15th! Hell weekend takes place August

Of course. . this is all about making your fantasies come true. . . ;)
But we need help to do all of that!!!!

I can never thank all of our sponsors enough. . and the custom scripts that
have come in so far have been great. . . but we have time for much more!!!!
Kisses and scissors,

ps. . don't forget I will be in San Diego in a couple of weeks. . let's book
time to get together! August 18th-21st!

Sybil Starr

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