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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Return of Cybele

fred wrote this for me. . and it is too lovely to keep to myself
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. .

Return of Cybele

In the beginning
Creation burst into being
From nothing. Driven by Her desire to experience
An "other,"
Nebulae, galaxies beyond counting, stars, comets, planets
All came to exist in an instant of cosmic orgasm.

On our earth,
in a primordial pool of chemicals,
Life came into being
As Cybele blew Her breath across that pool
Billions of years ago.

One celled flagellates were driven by Her force
To split, and then become two celled, and then four celled,
And then simple organisms became complex.
Magna Mater breathed Her spirit into a bipedal being
And it became aware--of Her, of itself, of desire.

Unashamed, our ancestors pursued the pleasures of the senses.
Their one rule "An it harm none, do what thou wilt!"
Cybele spoke to the hearts of Her worshippers:
"All acts of love are my sacraments."
For thousands of years the people followed Her wisdom,
They prospered and were happy.

Then the age of the patriarchs--ashamed of their bodies dreaming
Of a sexless paradise outside of physical reality,
Attainable only by denying the physical facts of their own being
And desires.
But the call of Cybele, throbbing like a wire in the blood,
A green force in the secret heart demanding expression
Could not be denied.

She will have Her way!
Deny Her, deny life, and the force of creation
Will erupt in the atoms of your being!
And consume you.
"Return." She calls," return to life
"The way home is not to deny My creation,
But to embrace it!"

"There is more holiness in an act of love
Shared by two lovers, than in all the temples
Your hands have built."

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