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Sunday, September 20, 2020

VOD 9-20-2020 NEW RELEASE FFGFAN Broken: Ayoka vs Sybil


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FFGFAN Broken: Ayoka vs Sybil wmv

Sybil and Ayoka square off. Sybil is the veteran in this match, but how will she overcome the athleticism and power of her opponent?  The go for a test of strength, that Sybil uses to back Ayoka into a corner- and then she monkeiy flips (tomo naga throw) her. Ayoka manages to put sybil over her shoulders into a fireman's carry, and then she begins to spin her around!  Sybil is dizzy, and Ayoka has an advantage, but it doesn't last long before Sybil is back on top again.  Sybil starts getting a little rough and dirty, really working over Ayoka's arms, putting Ayoka over the ropes and choking her, and stretching her arms and back on multiple holds. Ayoka is weakened, but will it be enough for Sybil to win this match?

Thursday, September 17, 2020

VOD 9-17-2020 New Release- Get to Know SinD

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FFGPOV Get to Know SinD

In this custom video, SinD answers interview questions about herself.

Did you know SinD is a hockey fan?  Or that she's never been to Las Vegas? Find out more in this 11 minute video.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

VOD 9-15-2020 FREE download FFGFAN027 Hellena vs Sybil POG


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Free to Download for 24 hours


FFGFAN027 Sybil vs Hellena; Live Pro-Wrestling

Price of Glory Wrestling out of Coldwater Michigan presents Sybil vs Hellena with a one fall takes it all type of live pro-wrestling match up! This was filmed on location at the Michigan Sports Camp. Bearhugs, cat fight, punching and more! 7 minute match

Monday, September 14, 2020

VOD 9/14/2020 FFGFAN Clawed Revenge- New Releaae

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FFGFAN Clawed Revenge mov

Betty and Sybil trash talk- then Sybil gets Betty into a full nelson.

Sybil dominates and humiliates Betty- putting her in the corner and working her over. Bronco buster, stinkface.

Betty gets the upper hand and uses the CLAW hold to exact revenge from Sybil.

Face claw, thigh claw, etc, making Sybil helpless.

Friday, September 11, 2020

VOD New release FFGFAN Betty vs Heather


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New release



FFGFAN Betty Vs Heather wmv

Our little Betty is a scrapper- but is she a match for Heather Owens?  Heather is stronger, bigger and has far more experience in the ring than little Betty.  Betty will not be counted out, though. She never gives up in this ten minute match, even when she is in impossible circumstances. Heather puts her through the ringer, beating her up from corner to corner and across the ropes. Betty is mightily abused by Heather in this one fall, verbal submission only, ten minute match up.

find it here:
FREE with your subscription ($7.99/month) 
(also this week on onlyfans, I've added pictures and video from Sybil vs Zhara and a mixed wrestling video "Broken Hearted 2")