Saturday, March 20, 2010

On a previous Q&A you stated you wouldn't competitevly box or MMA someone unless you met him first. How about for competitive wrestling?

if I feel like it! I have one rule, I only do what I think will be fun and I want to do. . if I don't think I will have a good time, I won't do it. . so if I like your attitude in e-mails and communication, I might add you as a new client to my list (but this is rare, why would I meet a stranger who I don't know would be fun or not when I can meet up with a friend who is a sure thing?). . and I take comp wrestling sessions with men up to 200# and women up to #240. . over 200# I would ask that you don't lay on me. . so you would have to limit the use of your weight if you were in a top position

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