Friday, March 12, 2010

Sojo? Hellena? Sin-D? Oh My!

Do you want custom videos with Sojorner Bolt from TNA?
How about the always hot and and ready to wrestle, Hellena Heavenly and Sin-D!!!! want to see the girls wrestle in a ring? Maybe you envision them on an adventure gone wrong? We make all types of custom videos and this an opportunity that won't wait!
Sojo Bolt, Hellena Heavenly, Sin-D and myself (Sybil Starr) are getting together to create your custom videos on March 28th. . . (I will also be down at Lady Victoria's on the 27th and she is filming us in custom videos there. . check out her site for details LADY VICTORIA


SSProductions Updates for this week!
The Kissing Game 5 with Mutiny. . this one gets topless, so don't say I didn't warn you about how hot it is. ..
More mixed Judo with Sybil as "Judo Teacher", and more mixed wrestling/foot domination with Mutiny in Selective Scissors.

The character page has finally been updated and more pictures have been added to the galleries. . .

See Tomiko, the Asian Prepster, Jamie T and Veronika Valentine in all new down jacket adventures! New picture sets added too!

See our newest model, the 19 year old "Asian Prepster" get into trouble when her boyfriend ties her up tight in a strait jacket and then hogties her too! You can find more of Tomiko here (getting kidnapped and thrown into a basement) and Jamie T here as well. .

Now all our clips have previews right on the same page! Tomiko and I are taken hostage attending a party and awake to find ourselves tied together in the basement. We struggle to get out, but find those pesky crotch ropes are awful responsive to our struggling. . and then our newest model, The Asian Prepster is tied up in a shiny catsuit and also tied to the couch by her boyfriend who has the evil tickling intentions on his mind!

I hope that is enough to get you through the weekend;)

My knee was hyperextended sideways until it popped out three weeks ago today in my competitive match against Robin while I was in California last month. I am happy to say it is healing, and I am still limp along Sybil but it is getting better every day. . . I will be back to wrestling and sessions by the end of March. . .

in the meantime.. ask me anything, drop me a line and take care!

kisses and scissors,

P.S. Big updates for Lia this month and also some updates for are ahead! We also are putting together a video of my sprained knee and recovery. . believe me, being stuck like this has been awful for me, but my deartest friends are always there to help me pull through. .

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