Thursday, March 25, 2010

were you ever in a wrestling match that started out friendly but ended up with you and your opponent hating each other because it got too intense(ie..catfight)?

I wouldn't say "hate" but I would say "heated." Two particular match ups come to mind, one with Lia Labowe in a "webringit" cat fight. .she got so pissed at me we had to break so she could get in the shower and towel off. . she had every right as I was more concerned about winning than about our safety. .and my last and most recent comp match with Robin. . I was starting to get claustrophobic and frustrated, and after I already submitted to a hold, she released it and then slapped me in the face. .my immediate reaction was to kick her in the cunt. . and I did. . SIGH. . not too long after I messed up my knee. . I wonder if I wasn't so "accelerated" that I would have tapped instead of trying to get us safely to the ground, I may not have popped my knee. . really to be a good fighter, and to win, you need to remain calm and focused. . I am getting there, much better than I was when I started, but I still have so much to learn. .

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