Friday, July 09, 2010


Wow! We here at Sybil Starr Productions are overwhelmed with such a successful first week for our new site! Thank you friends and fans for stopping by and making us such a success! Your feedback has been tremendous and completely unexpected! Check out the updated galleries and also, EPISODE 4 of Season 1 gets released today! In this episode the girls begin their training and start butting heads with one another over RESPECT. There is a great training montage and shiny leotards! Episode 5 is also on it's way. . Also, Big News!! Rock Starr Roni Jonah has agreed to be a Starr Girl! Look for her in our next shoot on Aug 30-31st! We will also be represented at Fetishcon in Tampa this year by both Sybil Starr and Veronika Valentine! They will be in Tampa from Aug 4-9. . .
so stop by today!

And watch for Sybil in Cincinnati, OH on July 20th and DC on July 25-26th! She is available for private wrestling sessions, wrestling shows, promo work, video work & photo shoots.
Here is an part of an e-mail Sybil received regarding a role-play fight session (she was a vampire) she did just this week:
"You have the nicest personality of anyone I've ever met - and I've met a lot of people. Thank you so much for today's adventure. I've done sessions for seven years and never had as much fun - I swear I'm not making it up and I've never said that before. Every detail from the eyes to the teeth to the costume were perfect. You managed to scare me while making me entirely secure. You're a rare one Ms Starr. I hope you never change ... well, fundamentally anyway."

Hellana Heavenly will be traveling to California later this month and is available for private wrestling sessions, promo work, wrestling shows and video work.

Thanks for watching and letting us entertain you!
Sybil Starr Productions

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