Sunday, January 09, 2011

How do beatdowns work? Does the guy lay on a floor or chair and you pound his face? Does it happen during you 2 are wrestling? does he fight back & "challenge" you to see if you can do it? Are there rules or safewords? How extreme are you willing to go?

I generally will tie someone up to keep them safe, if they don;t want to fight back at all, that way they don;t try to block and hurt themselves. . but some guys want the beating during a wrestling match or whatnot. . I am very flexible and creative with my private matches, and I can generally make a session suit what the person is looking for and know what rules to utilize to keep them safe. . .I error in the side of safety and am not willing to put my opponents life at risk. .

Ask me things about wrestling, down jackets, modeling, fighting, shiny tights, pro-wrestling. . etc

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