Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you believe in marriage with a man or woman? Do you want kids someday? If you were with a woman would you carry the kid to term? How many kids would you want?

I was married once to a man. . and I found out that marriage sucks ass. . . no thanks. . you can keep it, that's for trying to tame people, and "you can't cage a cowgirl" as my ex husband used to always say. . . I did marry a woman (my best girlfriend Lia Labowe) 3 years ago in a civil ceremony, and I have never been happier than with my spouse living 5 states away. . . ours is a marriage of friends making us family. ..

I love kids. . I used to want 5, but now I think 2-3 would be fine. . I would love to carry the child to term if my wife/partner didn't want to. .

Ask me things about wrestling, down jackets, modeling, fighting, shiny tights, pro-wrestling. . etc

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