Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some Haps

well, it looks like my calendar is booked for weekends until maybe November! Super fun craziness!!

This weekend is the first production weekend for Starr Girls. . . Veronika and I are building a women's fight fed. . . in shiny tights;) Just got off the phone with Dan Severn. . . we are all set to rock n roll!!

Things to be aware of?
we are doing a test run on one of our new sites today. . if it goes well, we will begin launching our sites and making them live very quickly. .

Lia Labowe is coming in on July 1st, and we are also shooting with Tomiko then. . if you have any customs you would like done with either one of these ladies, please e-mail me directly!!!

More ahead, I am caught up with these websites right now and a little behind on my correspondence. . i will be booking all my hotels for my east coast trip by Friday and I am starting to take deposits for my Ireland trip. . .

other girls in this month?
Betty Jaded
Helena Heavenly
Veronika Valentine

more soon, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. . also, released some new clips at the clips4sale stores


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