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Thursday, June 17, 2010

and on this episode of "The Starr Girls". . . .

WOW! That's my first thought thinking back on last weekend's shoot. Hellena Heavenly, Sin-D, Veronika Valentine, Dan Severn, Buddy Wolfe, and Sybil Starr got together at the Michigan Sports Camp for 24 hours to shoot the first season of Sybil Starr Productions newest project. . .The STARR GIRLS!!!! It is the story of two feisty girls, Veronika Valentine and Sybil Starr, who meet pillow fighting in Detroit in the summer of 2009 and now want to start their own women's pro-wrestling federation. With the help of Sybil's mentor and good friend, Dan Severn, the girls begin their journey towards having their own women's fed, The Starr Girls!! This first season (1 month of updates) covers the girls search for the perfect trainer and the twists and turns that happen as you begin to run towards your dreams. . . The website goes live on July 1st. . .

Season 2 is being filmed on July 2 and 3 at the Michigan Sports Camp. Filming with us are Veronika Valentine, Sybil Starr, Hellena Heavenly, Sin-D, and LIA LABOWE!!! On top of filming for Starr Girls, the ladies are also available for custom videos that you write!! Prices are good and our these girls are some of the best wrestlers out there today. E-mail Sybil directly at We will also have Joe available for mixed matches.

Also, Tomiko, Lia Labowe and Sybil Starr will be shooting together on July 1st, if any one would like to know more about getting them in a custom video, please e-mail Sybil directly.

Sybil Starr Productions websites are getting back online and ready for business, with new clips from Christina Carpenter, Kristie Etzold, Veronika Valentine, Lia Labowe, Mutiny, Tomiko, and Sybil Starr. super heroine cat fight in tights site your one stop shop for mixed wrestling, mixed fighting, trampling, foot domination, mixed Judo, mixed karate and more! find some old matches, and more new to come, of one of the loveliest wrestlers out there today! our awesome strait jacket restraint site. . find your favorite girls, all helplessly encased in strait jackets it doesn't get any hotter than our nylon, puffy, & down-filled, jacket appreciation site;) the home of Sybil Starr, and more than 300 wrestling, mixed wrestling, cat fighting, trampling, oil wrestling and martial arts clips and pictures! These girls struggle to get free! Scarf bondage, tape bondage, rope bondage, handcuffs, harnesses and more. . .

Sybil is taking off next week for the East Coast!
June 25th NYC
June 28th Philly
June 29th DC
Sybil will also be in Hartford, CT and Boston, MA the week of July 5-10. . .
e-mail Sybil directly regarding her wrestling session availability:

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