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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hey Champ, Of ALL the forms of wrestling , which one do you enjoy the most..? In the context of pro-wrestling , what is the Down-side / Or Most Negative aspect.

oh shoot. . I love to fight. . hmm. . I love MMA as it is a natural way for me to fight and I love the contest and the messing each other up that happens. . it is like riding the scariest roller coaster that I can find. . I love the chess game involved, going from hold/move to counter-hold/move. . I find fighting very Zen. . Pro-wrestling is the hardest work I have ever done. . I worked on my moonsault for hours and I never could get my landing correct.. . I still have so much to learn in both sports. . I feel like everyday, that I still don;t know enough and I want to know ,more. . I love pro-wrestling, I have as long as I can remember. . I love doing pro-style wresting in a ring i n front of an audience. . I love wearing spandex and shiny clothes. .I love the high drama and the storytelling. . .

The most negative part of pro-wrestling? the "work." So many promoters want to boo you, but they don't want to pay you. . I worked a show on Thanksgiving one year, the show was a three hour drive away. I drove two wrestlers there with me (neither paid me gas money or said thank you) I lost my belt, and I didn't get to eat any turkey or see my family, and then I didn't get paid from the promoter either. .
Pro-wrestling has been called a "sickness" by Roddy piper. . and once you catch it, well you are never the same. . we put our bodies on the line night after night for people who want to see us bleed and do it for promoters who will take whatever advantage they can of us. . it is a hard type of living. .and I have a dream to change it. . stay tuned;)

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