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Saturday, May 22, 2010

News from Me (Sybil)

So, Bill, who often posts on my yahoo group, and I finally got to meet in person and go to the Rangers/Cubs game last night. . he is such a joy and class act. . but then, I already knew that. . .
Texas has been pretty awesome so far, the park in Arlington was beautiful and Bill is a joy. . .

we are integrating our websites right now and getting them all ready to re-launch. . . the plan is to do one website a week. . so look for all of our sites to be back up online soon. . and launches in 38 days!!!! What is Starr Girls? Well, do you like pro-wrestling? Do you like shiny, colorful spandex? Do you like campy story lines with heroes and villains? Yeah, that's a part of it. . but Starr Girls in their Starr World will be like nothing you have seen before! I am so excited!! Our first shoot is June 12-13 and I have all the girls confirmed now! Look for some of your favorite ladies such as Helena Heavenly and Veronika Valentine. . but also be ready to meet some new girls and fall in love;) and we have a ton of surprises planned for the fans!!!

I am in Dallas right now, and I still have time for a couple more sessions this weekend, e-mail me directly at
On this Thursday eve I will be in Chicago. . . my time is very limited for sessions, but I probably have two hours I could spare. . again, e-mail me directly at

Next weekend I am camping in the Smokey Mountains, right by an Indian reservation. . I have always wanted to camp out in the smokey mountains. . I am very exited. . if you are in TN around the Gaitlinburg area, I may be able to wrestle you if you ask nicely;)

Our writers come in the week after that to work on Starr Girls and we also will be doing some work with the Starr Girls benefactor, Dan Severn. . .

Also next month, I am doing a week long East Coast Tour! June 24 New Jersey, June 25th NYC, June 26th Long Island (already all booked), June 27th Philly (all booked), June 28th Philly, June 29th DC.. If you want a chance to experience complete domination utilizing only my body and martial arts skills, please contact me. . if you are looking to be squeezed in my scissors or humiliated by getting beat by a girl, please contact me. . . . . . if you are looking for belly abuse from the best, please contact me. . . .

also, I have three internet/radio interviews coming up, the first with Rope2rope on June 8th. . .

Look for me in July in Boston. . . and also IRELAND, mostly Dublin
August--Tampa for fetishcon and North Carolina

and I am planning (finally) a huge West Coast tour for the second half of September--Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, San Fran, and up to Seattle Washington, and maybe even Alaska;) I am very excited about this as I have never done such a trip before!!!

knee update:
still a bit tender, a tiny swollen and doesn't have it's full range of motion (doesn't bend all the way), but I can get around just fine without a knee brace these days. I plan to go for my first real run on it this week;) it is definitely strengthening and doing well.

oh! I almost forgot, we will be shooting with Christina Carter & Nyxon next month for,, and And in July we will be shooting with Tomiko!!!! Also we are booking shoots for fetishcon! This is a big year for our company, and I would like to thank Sarah, my PA, for joining our staff. . honestly I have needed an assistant for two years now, and in the two weeks Sarah has worked for us she has really helped so much to get us organized and back on track. . . it is so hard for me to do all the different things I am responsible for. . and I know because of that, some things have fallen through the cracks in recent years, but no more! I think we will be all caught up and have all videos/pictures, etc sent out in the next month. . .

This weekend's Video release? Mixed wrestling with Bob Earl!!! He challenged me, so I had to wipe the mats with him!!!!

as you can see, we are growing. . . it is because we love what we do, and YOU support us in our passion! Thank YOU!!!

kisses and scissors,
Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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