Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey Sybil, What actually got you into wrestling. And, what was it that convinced you to get into video work? J. W.

I am pretty sure I answered this before, but it is a question I get asked quite often. I was working full time and started modeling to make extra money. Then I started training to run the Detroit Marathon in 2004. I had to train late at night to get some of my runs in, and I was often alone. After a few strange incidents (almost getting accosted at a Wendy's, being flashed at the arboretum, having to get security to take care of a gentleman who was harassing me at a Vegas night where I was running to roulette table. . etc) I thought I should now how to defend myself. . I started going to "fight club" where they train in BJJ. My first class I was the smallest person in the room, and the only woman. My very first arm bar I went into perfectly, and I remember my trainer saying "look at her, see how she does it." It was awesome! I got so excited, and it seemed like magic to me almost, and it also seemed like I had some muscle memory of things already (Mildred Burke felt that way the first time she wrestled, too, like she had done it before). So, I ran the Detroit Marathon in October of 2004. I was raising money for Children in America who's parents had died of AIDS. Right after the marathon I was contacted by the since defunct LUSA Entertainment (they operate under a different name and system now) to come model and fight on their websites. The same time Dan Severn's company out of Coldwater, MI called and asked if I would work as a ring girl for their MMA fight promotion. Not two weeks later, I worked for LUSA, where the first thing they did was teach me some Judo. . and then I went and took promo pictures in Dan Severn Merchandise, and asked them if I could be a part of their pro-wrestling organization, as I am a huge fan. . . They told me I could come valet, so I worked my first show in December of 2004. By July of 2005 I had no vacation time left at my jobby job, and I really wanted to work with in Lake Tahoe. . so I gave my two weeks notice, and I never looked back. I started training in pro-wrestling in Feb/March of 2005 and MMA later that year. . . for a while I trained in both at the same time. . the rest is history. . .

Ask me things about wrestling, down jackets, modeling, fighting, shiny tights, pro-wrestling. . etc

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