Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wanna Wrestle your Fantasy Fight Girl?

http://www.fantasyfightgirls.com has been updated!
Mixed fighting downloads: Flipping Humiliation, POG May 2010 pro-wrestling
match, Gia's Mixed Wrestling Session
Fantasy female fight downloads: The Pink Pulverizer vs Black Widow, Hellena
Dominates Sybil
New Fighter: V Rush!

We had our first training at Fantasy Fight School. It was attended by Betty
Battles, Veronika Valentine, Payton and Adalynn. The girls were very eager to
learn and also got very competitive with each other. . it was a really good
training session. We have pro-wrestling training down at Bone Krushers in
Cincinnati on the weekend of March 19-20.
I will be wrestling in Fairfield, OH on March 12th http://nwfwrestling.com/
Betty Battles, Veronika Valentine, Amanda Ruffin, Sin-d and myself will be
making a public appearance in Ft Wayne, KY http://nwfwrestling.com/

The Fantasy Fight Girls are on the road this month!
Have your chance to wrestle Sin-D and myself, Sybil, in 2 on 1 sessions around
the Fairfield Oh areas this weekend, March 12th.

March 14th, Sybil Starr and Betty Battles are available in CHICAGO, IL

March16th-18th, Sybil Starr and Betty Battles in TAMPA, FL

March 14-16th, Veronika Valentine, TROY, MI

March 19th-20th, SinD, Sybil Starr, Veronika Valentine, Betty Battles in the
Cincinnati, OH area

March 25th, Sybil Starr, Betty Battles in DETROIT, MI

April 4 & 5, Sybil Starr ATLANTA, GA

remember there are discounted rates for new wrestlers and multiple girl matches!
e-mail me to book your times with our fighting girls! sybil.starr@gmail.com

Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so
unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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