Monday, April 26, 2010

How is your knee/back holding up these days?

my knee is still mending, I can straighten the leg out now, and I can bend the knee further than 90 degrees. My scissor strength is returning, I am walking around, though slowly and still favoring my right leg, and because of this, my back has started acting up. . I have degenerative disc disease, but as long as I stay active, I generally feel little of the affects of the back problems, but lately, the back has hurt quite a bit more than the knee. . but whatever. . Penny Banner dislocated her left knee 5 times and her right one 3. . she had a bad back, a bad lots of things and she wrestled for over 20 years. . she never let any pain stop her, and I am not going to let any pain stop me from doing what I love and what I was/am meant to do;)

Ask me things about wrestling, down jackets, modeling, fighting, shiny tights, pro-wrestling. . etc

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