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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ass Kicking

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say, wow!  What a great night of ass kickings in Detroit!  Betty, Veronika and I went until almost 1am! I am tired as heck today but happy. . . One particular match up stands out for me. . New guy, 5'11", 190#. . . cutie at that. . . I thought maybe he would have a little game since his e-mails were a little trash talky "You aren't just going to put me in holds. . etc" but alas, another cocky male who needed a lesson. . which I am well trained to provide. .

After kicking his ass, over and over again, completely dominated him and having him to the point where I could totally take advantage of him if I wanted, he then informs me he is some kind of "ass model." Well, I don't know if his money maker is going to do much for him now that I kicked the crap out of it!  LOL

Great times!

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