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Monday, December 22, 2014

VIP Lounge for Fantasy Fight Girls

2014 has been full of new adventures for my company, and me! My partner and I started a wrestling club here in Northwest Michigan, & we are working on our new mixed wrestling site "Manhandled Productions"- new videos have been released on our new clips4sale studio

Also- we have added a VIP Members Lounge to as a way we can give more for less to our die hard fans! $30 a month will give you access to download at least 15 videos every month.

We did a Spring Custom shoot this year as well as our annual Autumn "Hell" shoot.

This is all on top of my very busy personal life! Outside of the wrestling business I have been very busy here in Northern Michigan! This year I received my Hunters Safety Certificate and did hand gun training. I am a pretty good shot with both a crossbow and most guns.  I didn't catch a salmon like I wanted for my birthday, and actually that may be my one regret of the year- not getting to fish as much as I would like, but I have been busy helping my community so that I didn't have much time for rest this year. I performed a reenactment of a TED Talk for the local domestic violence shelter, I helped start a drama club for kids and served on the board for my local community theatre and Jaycees organization. I also joined my local Wildlife Conservation and Education Club. I have also been recovering from some health issues- and am doing very well!  I am looking forward to the new adventures that 2015 will bring my way!

Keep watching- as we are only getting started around here!!!!

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