Monday, February 14, 2011

Review of Starr Girls Show

February12th, was the date and Adrian, Michigan was the place, as the "Starr-Girls, " held their first live card! Sybil, and Veronika Valentine were welcoming an enthusiastic crowd when Buddy D. Wolfe came out with Sojourner Bolt, and Amanda Ruffen.

Buddy demanded that a battle royal be held, to establish seedings in the tournament. The winner of the battle royal would get a bye into the number one contenders match to determine who would face champion Hellena Heavenly in the title match.

Sojo Bolt won the battle royal and got the bye, setting up the pairings for the tourney. In the first match SinD eliminated Veronika. who aquitted herself well, but was too inexperienced for the wily veteran's bag of tricks.

Next up was Sybil vs Amanda Ruffen, this was an even match, until, taking advantage of the referee's distraction, Buddy slugged Sybil! This enabled Amanda to pin Sybil for the tainted win.

This led into intermission featuring games, photo ops, and dollar dances.

After the break:

Amanda took on the peripatetic SinD. During the action Buddy pulled a bottle of spray cleanr from under the ring to use against SinD. He had a little trouble getting the spray to work and ended up spraying both himself and Amanda in the face! SinD rolled up Amanda for the win. Amanda was visibly angry at Buddy as they left the ring,

Next up SinD faced Sojo in the #1 contenders match. Sojo came out like a wild woman, battering SinD all over the ringside area, and nearly getting disqualified before the match could start!

Once in the ring Sojo continued to lay the smackdown on SinD (who had to be exhausted by this time!)SinD battled back until Sojo got her into the ropes and called for Buddy and his spray bottle.

Buddy, who was still feeling the effects of spraying his own eyes, misfired! Sending a jet of spray into sojo's eyes. She was quickly pinned by SinD!

Infuriated Sojo, joine by Amanda, dragged the hapless Buddy into the ring and delivered a major beatdown, stripping him to his underwear, and then kicking him to the floor.

No rest for the weary! SinD immediately got her shot at Hellena. This was a gruelling affair between two women familiar with each others repertoire. After more than 20 minutes of action the challenger prevailed winn ing the coveted Starr Girls belt!

Buddy cme out to console Hellena, saying we have not seen the last of either of them. The crowd booed him out of the ringside area and cheered for the victor!

Great show! Congratulations, Sybil!

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