Sunday, February 28, 2010

For boxing or MMA sessions, do you supply all the equipment, or would I have to bring my own gloves, mouthguard etc.?

For boxing sessions, I have gloves and head gear available in my home studio, or if I am traveling by car and you contact me prior to my road trip, I can bring those with me, but I generally do not pack a gi, MMA gloves, mouth piece, kickers, breast protector, etc. I also rarely take on new private fight session clients anymore, to meet up with me you better have a great attitude and good references. . and I don't meet up with strange men twice my size for competitive MMA or boxing sessions. .the first time we meet, it would be semi-comp and getting to know one another. . PS I LOVE JUDO. .. . if you want/need to get flipped. let me know!

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