Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture Sets re-posted For Sale

My company has recently started going through a full overhaul, and I have been, for the past 5 months or so, deciding on how I want to do things and how I want them to turn out. . I fired my media producer and we separated our companies three months ago. . we lost our payment processing again, and he just wouldn't listen to me in the three years we worked together. I would have to say the quality of the work he did for me either didn't improve or it got worse and he was starting to cost me thousands of dollars. . so I down-sized, and it has been wonderful!! But, it does cause a few snags. . some of the projects I was working on with him will either need to be re-done or scrapped. . . but in the meantime, I have just posted 30 picture sets from Fantasy Fight Girls for Sale again!! Please visit my zenfolio pages for more, and in the future I plan on utilizing zenfolio quite a bit more to house and sell the content my company produces. . . so thank you for your patience while my sites get re-done and thank you for your continued patronage and support. . . I really couldn't keep being Sybil Starr without all my loyal fans and supporters. . knowing that you are out there, keeps me going and really makes my day!! so go HERE to shop and view all the picture sets

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