Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts by Sybil

I just wanted to give the Starr Army a shout out. . .
we had Payton Lapain and Sin-D in yesterday to help me film with CJ, our new male jobber for Sybil Starr Productions. . you may remember him from my mixed oil wrestling match with him, or when I used to valet for him in pro-wrestling, or just him on the Indy circuit, or him, teaching classes at magic jujitsu in Lansing on Monday night. . . but he has the same background as Joe did, except that CJ has also had pro-wrestling training on top of it. . . . . freestyle/folkstyle high school champ, purple plus two stripes in jujitsu, and some MMA. . . we are very proud to have him working for and with our company. . he will be back again on Feb 8th so if you want a mixed custom (Crotch Despair, Stalker Torture, Bad Bets, Mixed Tickling, etc) just let us know. . we even let him dominate two girls and win twice yesterday;). . . They were really great shoots . . in other news Payton Lapain has asked to fight in Ruffleague. . and more info will be coming about that in the future, we were able to get a big sponsor for it, so we can pay the girls bigger purses for their matches and we can also fly a couple of girls in who are interested. . . Jenn and Lia. . and Jenn has asked my company to manage her, as she works full time and doesn't have the time herself to pursue her passions fully. . . if you are around the Philly area, and want a mixed match, or if you are a producer on the East Coast lokking for a beautiful, skilled, professional to work with, then Jenn is your girl. . just drop me a line if you want to work with her. .
The Queen of Tights website, has been updated with two new videos and two new picture sets, and is due to be updated again on Jan 27th. . .
Of course is updated every Friday, and is in the middle of multiple updates as we get ready for our big live show here next month in Adrian, MI. .
Next week is a busy one here at our productions studios. . . Ruby, A new girl auditioning, Veronika is supposed to come in and get her ass kicked by me. . I figure it is about time to lay some humbling on. . my goal is to get 20 submissions in 20 minutes. . . do you think I can get it on her? And then Dakkota will be here on Thursday to film. . . so 4 shoots next week! Basically there is big news in every direction for my company. . we are having a blast and learning so much. . .
Thank you for all your continued support and love. . . it's what keeps me working;)!!!! LOVE YOU!
Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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