Monday, May 23, 2011

Sybil does Fantasy Sessions??? You Betcha!

Just received this review over the weekend. . I thought you might enjoy it!

If you're into fantasy wrestling scenarios and you've never contacted Sybil, you really must. I've had the pleasure of of three such sessions and Sybil is by far the most creative, enthusiastic and enjoyable person I've wrestled with. She's had the perfect costume for every role I've asked her to play and she always includes well thought out accessories. Her theater background is obvious when she plays; no one can possibly improvise the way she does without significant training. And of course, she wrestles like a dream. Although I am not a formidable opponent in that regard, she tailors her wrestling to my level and makes the experience authentic for my ability. Aside from all of these attributes, Sybil is as charming and personable as anyone I know. Don't miss out on a fantasy wrestling session with her!

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