Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Sponsors\'s Review of the Mutiny Vs Sybil rematch

The Sybil Mutiny rematch was the sexiest, most exciting wrestling match I have ever seen! They went at each other with a lot of powerful holds, with Mutiny taking it to Sybil more than I had expected! Her skills are catching up with her hotness!
Sybil and Mutiny had a blast slapping, pinching, and putting each other in well, let's say some unconventional holds. I had to look for a cigarette afterwards and I don't smoke...but Sybil and Mutiny do!
Sybil let on that there was a lot of "touching", but a great deal of awesome wrestling action and two women enjoying a hot competitive fight. Sexy, tough, entertaining, and worth the sponsorship.
Thanks, Sybil, for putting out such an excellent match. I hope there will be a Mutiny-Sybil Three someday! :)

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