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Friday, December 04, 2020

VOD 12-4-2020 NEW RELEASE FFGFAN Tangled

  12-4-2020 Video of the Day

New Release


Sybil Starr and Heather Owens face off in this 12 minute match. Both ladies are looking for the pin and are willing to brawl to get it. Because both girls are barefoot, Heather Owens takes advantage and starts the match out by stomping on Sybil's foot. Heather has control, though Sybil plays dirty and gets it back. The Match goes back and forth, Sybil gets tangled in the ring ropes and is completely at Heather's mercy.Sybil is not out for the count yet, and until the end, you don;t know who will finally earn the pin. Camel clutches, hair control, stink faces, butt drops and more in this barefoot, pro-style fantasy wrestling match.

12 minutes long

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