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Sunday, September 20, 2020

VOD 9-20-2020 NEW RELEASE FFGFAN Broken: Ayoka vs Sybil


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FFGFAN Broken: Ayoka vs Sybil wmv

Sybil and Ayoka square off. Sybil is the veteran in this match, but how will she overcome the athleticism and power of her opponent?  The go for a test of strength, that Sybil uses to back Ayoka into a corner- and then she monkeiy flips (tomo naga throw) her. Ayoka manages to put sybil over her shoulders into a fireman's carry, and then she begins to spin her around!  Sybil is dizzy, and Ayoka has an advantage, but it doesn't last long before Sybil is back on top again.  Sybil starts getting a little rough and dirty, really working over Ayoka's arms, putting Ayoka over the ropes and choking her, and stretching her arms and back on multiple holds. Ayoka is weakened, but will it be enough for Sybil to win this match?

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