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Thursday, June 04, 2020

NEWS!! New website!! New Video Release!

Hey Starr Army!  I've spent the majority of today working on !!! I am very happy with it! It is very obviously far from finished, as I need to add 30+ fighters and over 500 video, but it is live!

To celebrate I put up a new video release on Clips4sale


Sybil faces off against Matt. Within moments she whips him to the ground on his face and belly and then jumps on his back. Camel clutch, full leg nelson (lotus hold) and is immediately putting her bare feet in Matt's face. Next she rolls him over and catches him in a brutal body scissor. After she squeezes him senseless, she then throws him into a laying arm bar, wherein she outs her foot all over his face! Head scissors next and then a figure four around the head. Hold after hold, she dominates Matt with her legs and feet. Double foot shoulder lock, figure four leg lock, grapevine pins, and more. Matt is totally wiped out and wants to quit, begs to submit to Sybil. Sybil then makes him her foot rest and throne, while she takes humiliating pictures of him!

12 minutes long


FREE for Subscribers at

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