Monday, November 12, 2012

Jan 19th Custom Video Shoot

Hey Starr Army. . We released some awesome videos this past week on our clips4sale store: Sybil make Lia Humble Victoria's Album of Shame 2 and this week is a mixed wrestling release with that divine diva, Sin-d as the BOUNTY HUNTER! Work of coming along on updating our main Fantasy Fighting website, . . we begin uploading the new pages with all the new payment option for the videos tomorrow. . full update of the site should be done within two weeks. Then we will begin on our other sites, and Betty Battles is available for private matches in the Toledo, OH area Sin-D is available for private matches in the Cincinatti, OH area and Ruby Nesque is available in the Detroit, MI area. We are proud to announce that our next video shoot has finally been scheduled. . . Custom Fantasy Fighting Video Shoot scheduled for Jan 19, both Jenn Dolby & Lia Labowe are confirmed participants!!! E-mail me for more info or to get your script in to us! love and scissors, Sybil -- Sybil Starr I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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