Friday, October 08, 2010

The Starr Happenings

well, I am about to get back on the road again. . this time for the East coast. . there will be ass kicking on tap in HARTFORD, CT tonight (October 8th) and I will be your bartender. . I have two time slots left .. . act soon and it could be your butt in a sling;) LOL. . . e-mail me for your fun. .
in other news:
two new releases on the clips4sale store, Coatnapping and Ninja Training. . . both of these are mixed fighting videos. . in "Coatnapping" Van the Man tried to kidnap me and my coats one night, but finds the tables turned and humiliation at my hands. . . in "Ninja Training" my secret ninja training for my ninja mission is revealed and it is mostly judo!
this weeks re-releases on the clips4sale store can be found on page 21 and include:

The Kissing Game
Sybil and Scarlet have a game they like to play in their bedroom, they call it �The Kissing Game�. The girls fight each other to submission, and then whoever submits must accept the other person�s kisses for 30 seconds to a minute without kissing back! Wearing black body stockings and sweat the girls fight each other and only stop for kissing. If you are a fan of female vs. female fighting then this is a great video to add to your collection, it is full of scissor holds, triangle chokes, and many sexy moments. This is the sexiest fight video of the Sybil Starr Productions Series. Enjoy!

Price: $34.99 USD
Length: 33 minutes

Size: 244 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 08/24/05 08:25:57 AM
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Female Fighting - The Kissing Game
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Sybil Gets Competitive With Bodybuilder - 2
Sybil Gets Competitive With Bodybuilder - 2 Sybil heads to the Arnolds and faces off with a female body builder. . things start to get heated. .

Price: $3.99 USD
Length: 3 minutes

Size: 27 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 06/11/06 01:01:48 AM
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Female Fighting - Sybil Gets Competitive With Bodybuilder - 2
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Kordelia's Session With Sybil - Pt. 2
Kordelia has come to Sybil to be dominated in a wrestling session and Sybil takes full advantage of it. This video contains topless footage, scissors, face sits, breast grabs, smothers, and a series of wrestling holds Sybil uses on the larger girl in order to put her totally under her control!!!

Forget Him, Take Me
Sybil looks to surprise her boyfriend by coming to his hotel room, but she is the one surprised when she finds Jill Lauren laying in his bed. . the girls get catty in this semi-competitive scripted fantasy video which features real belly punching, scissors, and moments you won't forget (like the surprise ending!)

New DVD available for $40
Sexy wrestling at it's finest
Gia Hypnotizes Sybil
Kissing Game 5 with Mutiny
Gia's Session with Sybil

be warned, there is nudity, pantyhose and hot kissing moments. . . LOL

REMEMBER!!!!! HELL COMES October 23rd!!!
get your custom scripts in! 10 minutes for $100
photos at $2 a piece!!!!
Hellena Heavenly
Roni Jonah
Veronika Valentine
Sybil Starr

we are also looking for sponsors for $200 who will get advance copies of everything we film/shoot and also season 1 of Starr-girls on DVD. .

looking ahead:
Sybil travels to Philly, Cincinnati and Indianapolis in November. . . . NYC in December
Starr Girls season 1 DVD
Starr Girls season 2 premier
a new female fantasy fight site
DVD's for sale
and lots more in the coming weeks. . . we are getting busy here and are more than ready to entertain you!!

Next week is my birthday and on Saturday, October 16th I will be at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti Michigan to celebrate! Stop by and say hi if you are around!

ok, gotta go back my bag back up for Hartford. . talk to my sweet starr army soon!!!!
Sybil Starr
I'm the last of my kind still standing. I am a one. So young, so brazen, so unholy I come to you in painted skies. . .

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