Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cold Midwest. . Heat it up!!!!!

Welcome to February. . here in Michigan it seems the cold is starting to creep in, so let's get it heated up around here!!!! It is time for the second annual Sybil Starr Valentine's contest!!!!! How does it work? It is pretty simple actually, all you have to do to enter is to send a Valentine to me at:

Sybil Starr
1416 S. Main St. Ste 220
Adrian, MI 49221

and you are entered!
what are the prizes?
Everyone who enters will win!
All entries will receive a personal Valentine back from me. . .(I am so excited about this!!!)
And there are weekly prizes which will be drawn on the 7th and the 14th, and the winner's of these drawing will receive two free videos of your choice from Sybil Starr Productions: there are 40 videos to choose from!
And the Grand Valentine's champ will receive 2 free videos, a special Valentine and an half an hour free session or a 30 minute custom video! So get those Valentine's out in the mail!!! This was so fun last year I had to do it again!

Big news:
JAPAN!!!!! That's right it looks like I will be competing in Japan for an MMA fight on March 11th SMACK GIRLS!!!!!!!! We are in final negotiations now! I am so excited and scared all at the same time. . what an amazing day to be sitting down with my trainers and managers, Dan Severn ( and Mike K, to go over fight details for JAPAN!!! My goodness. . this is such a dream come true it is still very hard to wrap my brain around. . . . I mean, little old me heading to Japan. . wow. . . so now I am back in training. . and many hours are being spent in the gym again. . I am exhausted, but getting ready! The journey is the most important part of any goal. . and here I am again,. on a journey towards Tokyo, Japan and then two weeks after, Evansville, IN. . .I am very excited about these opportunities.
I went from Knoxville, TN to NYC to Chicago, IL this last couple of weeks, busy and fun, visiting with old friends and making some new ones. . . . and wrestling everyone I could in between!

I had to reschedule my Tampa Florida trip and my Philly trips. . but the dates for these are:
Philly- Feb 23 and 24th
Tampa, FL- March 2nd and 3rd
other travel/fight dates
Coldwater, MI POG Wrestling!!! (that's right, time to do a little pro-style wrestling!!) Feb 18th
Tokyo, Japan-March 9th-12th
Evanville, IN- March 24th
Finally, a new release!!! is back in action, starting on January 31st there will be a new release every Wednesday to my clip store, and to get the party started, this Wednesday, two days from today, my first clip will be "Sybil Slams Moose"! Yes, a five minute clip that was part of our first meeting and foot worship/trampling/light domination session. . this boy can take some pain!! Even with me standing on his face and jumping on him!!!! Like I said, let's get it heated up around here!!!!!
Look for new releases at my clip store every hump day (Wednesday!) Including a hot new video to be released this month called "Smothering Scissor Kisses" starring Dakota and myself!!! the clip is to be released next Wednesday and just for Valentine's day, the full video will be released then!!!! Like I said, it is time to heat it up around here!!!@!
Off to Lady Victoria's tomorrow for custom videos shoot!!!

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